Disability Huntingdonshire

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We are always in need of funds to help us continue to do our work and reach the people who need us. If you are a member of a club, business, organisation that does fundraising activities please consider us to benefit from your next event.
If you’d like support to set up an event or sponsorship to benefit DISH contact manager@dish.org.uk


Supporter Group

DISH would like to set up a supporter group of passionate committed people who are dedicated to raising funds and awareness. As a small charity we rely on support from others. If you have experience in this area and would like to support the ongoing work of DISH , then please get in touch with manager@dish.org.uk to discuss your plans and how we can grow the DISH family.


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Shop at smile.amazon.co.uk and support Disability Huntingdonshire. Click the logo below and select Disability Huntingdonshire as your chosen charity.




Got small change? Save and donate to DISH to make a big change in August.


Please register with ceo@dish.org.uk and share with your family and friends.











Disability Huntingdonshire is part of the BIG Give Christmas Challenge. You can pledge here to support us. Click the logo below: