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Meet the Team




Tracy Hyland
Tracy Hyland – Chief Executive Officer

I joined Disability Huntingdonshire in March 2019 as the CEO. My professional background has primarily been in the charity sector and I have worked locally, regionally and at national level. I love the ethos and the values of DISH and I am so proud to lead a team of amazing caseworkers who are totally committed to helping people of all ages with disabilities navigate this incredibly complex and punitive world of disability benefits. I am also grateful to be supported by my Trustee Board who are also committed to ensuring DISH remains for many years. If you have any ideas how you can support us, please get in touch. Personally, I am the sibling of a person with profound and multiple disabilities and my mum is still a full-time carer going into her 83rd year! It’s in the DNA. DISH is committed to helping you


Michael O'Fee
Michael O'Fee: Client Welfare Adviser

Michael has worked for Disability Huntingdonshire for around 12 years. He has an absolute wealth of experience in giving a broad range of welfare advice, and is particularly knowledgeable in giving information and advice on benefits available to people with disabilities. He also supports appeals against negative or adverse decisions. He has been a key player in establishing the excellent reputation that we have in the Huntingdonshire district.




Tracey Woodhouse
Tracey Woodhouse, Caseworker

Tracey has been with DISH for 18 months now and is very passionate about helping others. Previously she worked in the telecoms industry but is now very happy in this role and would not go back. Her son has Cerebral Palsy and so she is familiar with the benefits system for children and all added difficulties of trying to provide a child with disabilities the best possible opportunities and support.






Nikki David
Nikki David, Caseworker

Hi, I am Nikki David. I started working for DISH in January 2019. I have 5 children. My youngest has Down's syndrome and I had to go to tribunal for him so as a parent I understand the fight that goes on for people. I also have 2 children with additional needs as well as my eldest with ongoing health problems. I absolutely love my job and I love being able to help other people.





Ella Francis
Ella Francis, Business Administration Apprentice

My Mum has spinal muscular atrophy and she is a wheelchair user, so I am familiar with the PIP/benefits system. Therefore I know about the fight it takes in order for you to receive what you rightfully deserve and need to maintain a good quality of life! DISH is here to be that invaluable support and is the sort of place I will enjoy being a part of. Knowing that I am making a difference in people’s lives, I am really excited to starting my first steps on the career ladder here as an apprentice.







Sandy Ferrelly
Sandra Ferrelly – Chair of Trustees

I first became the Chair of Trustees of DISH in 2007. When I was 10 I was injured in a car accident, which fractured my neck and damaged my spinal cord. I was told that my chances of surviving to 21 were low but advances in modern neurosurgery saved me and I’ve made it to 75. I worked for 50 years in and around the NHS, who have always led the field in recognising that physical disability does not automatically mean you don’t have a brain, as many people still seem to think! I know how hard it is to live a normal life at times but that just a little bit of help can allow you to be independent and not a larger charge on health and social care services. DISH is dedicated to giving that help and I am proud of being associated with this worthwhile charity for so long.





Amy Bosse
Amy Bosse – Vice Chair

My name is Amy and I have been a trustee for DISH since January 2018. I am the proud owner of an engineering degree and moved to Huntingdonshire in 2011 after graduating to start a new job. I was then diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 3 months later which proved to be very aggressive and has certainly given me more first hand experience of the NHS than I had planned. Fast forward to 2019 and I am now happily settled into family life with my partner and 4 year old daughter having made Godmanchester our home. I set up a monthly 'coffee & cake' group for people with MS who have a positive, can-do attitude. I believe that a support group of people who try not to let their diagnosis define them whilst being able to share the highs and lows of their MS in a way that they may not feel comfortable with other friends can only be a positive thing. Being disabled doesn’t define a person-I am a firm believer that there is far more to a person than their health or disability. In my case, I am a mum, a partner, a fundraiser, a friend, I am ‘me’. However; whether mental or physical; disability does lead to challenges in day to day life. I support DISH because caseworkers will meet you with no pre judgements- just a professional team of people who are there to help you whilst treating you with the dignity and respect that you deserve. DISH provides vital help to those in need; the support they deserve to obtain what they are entitled to with the minimum stress. For that; they have my full support. Being disabled can be tough enough as it is without any additional weight on your shoulders-DISH takes some of that weight.


David Bowers
David Bowers - Treasurer

I have been a trustee of DISH for almost four years. Previously I worked mostly in the IT industry, both in the UK and in Australia. Along the way I picked up rudiments of accounting and bookkeeping - presumably, that is why I have been nominated as DISH's Honorary Treasurer for the past two years! I have long believed that while almost everybody is disabled in some way, if we want to live in a just society those of us who are more able must help and support those of us who are less able. That is the essence of what DISH does, and that is why I am proud to support the work of DISH.








David Calver
David Calver

I was a cleaner for 25 years p/t and I was a trustee of Our Voice for 10 years.. I then joined the trustee board at DISH and have been a trustee for 2 years. I feel that I can give back to the community and I actively encourage people to approach DISH for support. In my spare time I like to exercise and go to the gym, demonstrating that people with disabilities have far more abilities than they are given credit for. I also like socialising and will take any opportunity to raise awareness about DISH.








Carol Davidson
Carol Davidson

Carol comes from an educational background and has always worked with children and adults who have special educational needs. She is the founder of a non-profit organisation, which supports disabled people who are facing barriers with employment. Carol is also a carer for two members of her family and is familiar with the benefits system for both children and adults. She has worked in the public, private and voluntary sectors and is passionate about the rights of vulnerable people.










Mark Griffen
Mark Griffen

Mark has been a trustee of DISH for more than 10 years. Mark is a wheel chair user with Cerebal Palsy but this does not stop him racing around in various different sports. In the past Mark has done wheelchair slalom, he was a member of CP British Sports Squad and did various activities for his country! He is gold medallist for the javelin! ‘DISH has really helped me and supports me in my life. I want to give something back to the community and support more people through awareness raising and events’








Bill Templeton
Bill Templeton

On reaching the age of 18 I knew I was liable for National Service which was for a period of two years. I rather liked the idea of serving in the military and ended up spending thirty-two years in the Royal Air Force as an engineering officer. Aged fifty-one I joined City & Guilds of London, the qualifications awarding body. I stayed there until I was sixty-six and became their oldest employee. I was therefore forty-eight years in employment without a single day without a job. I count myself very lucky and realise that life is so very different for many people now. During my work for City & Guilds I visited many Further Education Colleges, prisons and other educational organisations. I also attended many graduation ceremonies. At these ceremonies I met many learners and their families. So many learners had not done well at school and yet, given the chance, had proved that they had abilities which many of them did not know they possessed. All they needed was encouragement, the chance to develop and not be written off as worthless. My son is a social worker and he often tells me about those who have been failed by the society we live in. He tells me how proud he is that I have been asked to be a trustee of Disability Huntingdonshire (DISH). I only hope I can live up to both his expectations and those of this important organisation.



Nic Wells
Nic Wells

Nic Wells has lived in Huntingdonshire with his family since 1980.


For most of that time he has worked in IT development and management for Cambridge Assessment, whose U.K. arm is the OCR exam board.


Nic has served as a St Peters school governor, a Warboys parish councillor and a Godmanchester town councillor.


Nic’s leisure pursuits include fellwalking, tennis, yoga, indie rock and classical music, and spending time with his 5 grandchildren.