Disability Huntingdonshire




We have a dedicated and hard working staff who have a broad range of experience between them in the areas of welfare and entitlements.


Audrey Gatford : Project Manager

Audrey Gatford


I am pleased and proud to have been appointed by Trustees to manage DISH. I have a varied back ground, but the main areas in my career have been in education, where I was the Head and SENCo of an Inner London primary school for 9 years, followed over a year later by 10 years as a Human Rights Advocate for asylum seekers. Additional experience has been: teaching in a Category “A” high security prison, and interim management of a charity serving the needs of people with experience of homelessness.

Nicola Gilroy: Family Adviser

Nicola Gilroy


I previously worked at Disability Huntingdonshire from 2005-2008 as a Family Advisor, I am pleased to be confirmed back in post and am looking forward to supporting and advising families with disabled children across Huntingdonshire. I have over 10 years of experiencing supporting families, having worked for various local charities and most recently for a local children’s centre running support groups and providing one to one support to families. Previously, I have worked in the community development arena and I am keen to develop the idea of getting parents with vital experience in supporting a child with a disability to volunteer for us and help and advice parents first hand who have a child newly diagnosed.

Michael O'Fee: Client Welfare Adviser

Michael O'Fee


Michael has worked for Disability Huntingdonshire for around 8 years. He has a depth of experience in giving a broad range of welfare advice, and is particularly knowledgeable in giving information and advice on benefits available to people with disabilities. He is also willing to make appeals against negative or adverse decisions, if we feel that there is merit in doing so. He has been a key player in establishing the excellent reputation that we have in the Huntingdonshire district.

Jackie Newman: Information Officer

Jackie Newman


Jackie provides admin support to the Disability Huntingdonshire team and is also the first point of contact for anyone wishing to get in touch with the organisation. She has a particular interest in the welfare of older people. She is also interested in the literacy development of adults, in particular those with additional learning needs, and in the past has worked as an adult literacy teacher. Jackie enjoys being part of the DISH team and is committed to the work that the organisation carries out.

Hilary Bayles: Volunteer


I have been volunteering with DISH for more years than I can remember. The main reason why I enjoy it so much is that every day so varied and I always feel like I have made real difference to the clients.There is a great friendly atmosphere in the office too.