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David Underwood: Executive Manager

Councillor and former Mayor of Godmanchester, David believes in making society as a whole more disability friendly whether that is for wheelchair users, those with dementia or any of the huge range of health challenges that people may face.

Michael O'Fee: Client Welfare Adviser


Michael has worked for Disability Huntingdonshire for around 8 years. He has a depth of experience in giving a broad range of welfare advice, and is particularly knowledgeable in giving information and advice on benefits available to people with disabilities. He is also willing to make appeals against negative or adverse decisions, if we feel that there is merit in doing so. He has been a key player in establishing the excellent reputation that we have in the Huntingdonshire district.

Tracey Woodhouse: Caseworker


Our newest caseworker comes to us from the telecoms industry where she organised parts of the network for a variety of different companies. Her son has Cerebral Palsy and so she is familiar with the benefits system for children and all added difficulties of trying to provide a child with disabilities the best possible opportunities and support. She is looking forward to working with other families also facing these challenges.









Chair: Sandy Ferrelly

Sandy comes from a health background and has many years experience in the voluntary sector.


Treasurer: David Bowers

David has an IT background and, before becoming Treasurer, assisted with our bookkeeping.


Amy Bosse

Amy is a talented local fundraiser and mum.


Robert Buss


David Calver

A local user of the service and experienced Trustee.


Mark Griffen

Mark is one of our longest serving Trustees with huge knowledge of the organisation.


Vicky Pryce

Deputy Town Clerk for Godmanchester Town Council, Vicky has experience from the perspective of one of our main types of funder.


Nic Wells


William Templeton





Hilary Bayles

I have been volunteering with DISH for more years than I can remember. The main reason why I enjoy it so much is that every day so varied and I always feel like I have made real difference to the clients.There is a great friendly atmosphere in the office too.


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