Disability Huntingdonshire

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"On many occasions over recent years the staff at DISH have been a constant source of support and guidance to not only myself and my wife but some of children and indeed grandchildren. Coping with long term illnesses and disability on a daily basis is difficult in itself, to then try and cope with the myriad of forms and documentation that need to be maintained is to say the least overwhelming. Knowing that DISH are only a phone call away and that their expertise is on tap is very reassuring. A simple mistake, omission or clerical oversight on your part can lead to long periods of increased hardship and worry. Alternatively knowing everything is as it should be gives you peace of mind. I have had personal experience of the system making things just a bit more difficult than they needed to be and DISH supported my daughter up to and through the various stages of review and appeal, including a successful tribunal appearance which quite frankly she could not have done or coped with on her own. I have grandchildren with complex medical conditions that are not always straightforward to explain or don’t quite fit in to a tidy box. It’s on these occasions that the expertise which DISH bring to the application process that results in successful outcomes. Long may they be able to continue the great work they do."


"I would like you to stay open please. If it wasn't for Tracey, my daughter would not be getting high rate dla.

I am so grateful and she is amazing."


"I would like to record huge thanks to Nikki at DISH for her invaluable expertise, advice and kindness in helping us to complete our DLA forms – we have received the excellent news that both applications have been successful, with awards at the middle tier for care. I was recommended to contact DISH by the children’s SEND specialist teacher and Nikki helped me not only with the form-filling itself, but in explaining how to word the responses to the many questions in the application. We are very grateful to Nikki for her time and support, these awards will make a difference to the support we are able to provide the children."


"A massive thank you to Nikki at DISH for all of her help and support with our DLA claim. We received the brilliant news today that our daughter has been awarded high rate care and mobility. For many SEN families filling out the DLA form can be not only extremely lengthy but also emotionally draining, a process that I am sure most families would agree they dread. Nikki was not only extremely helpful and knowledgeable but was also wonderfully kind and made the whole process a much better experience. Without a doubt I will be contacting DISH for my next renewal."


"We applied for DLA in 2018 but my application was unsuccessful. Nikki came to our home to support us completing the paperwork. With her support and expertise we resubmitted the application and have now been awarded middle rate care and lower rate mobility until 2025. We are very grateful to the free support that we received as the award will make such a difference to the support we can offer our child."


"After my son having meningitis in Feb 2018, I was deeply struggling to accept our new normal and the level of disability the illness had left him with. By chance I happened to come across a post by Nikki and contacted DISH to ask if they could help. Nikki came to my home, she reassured me that it was ok not to be ok, she didn’t rush, she listened to me, and waded her way through all the paperwork and reassured me that she’d sort it all out. I can’t explain the level of relief this gave to me and us as a family. Nikki then called us to say he had been awarded DLA. Throughout the whole process she has been a rock and I can’t thank her or DISH enough for what they’ve done for our family."